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Wipro Recruitment Process: The Complete Guide

So, getting a job is the most challenging task for any fresher or probably the fresh graduates who are recently passed out. Most of them are confused with every company’s selection process whereas only a few of them are selected. How exactly are these people selected, what is the selection process, of course, you might be having a truck full of questions and doubts. The same is the case when it’s about Wipro recruitment process, all you got to keep in mind that there are a few recruitment steps and tests that you have to clear if you want to get selected in the company.

Well, to help you better here we have mentioned the idea and the exact tests that the company Wipro follows during every of their hiring process- 

Wipro Recruitment Process: The Complete Guide
Well, don’t worry about the tests and the steps can be easy if you follow according to the below-mentioned tests and procedures.
·      The eligibility criteria are the candidate should score at least a minimum 60% in 10th grade and 12th grade whichever is higher. 
·      Well, if the candidate is a graduate then the scores have to be at least 60% or more and should have been passed out from a recognized university of the particular state. 
·      There ought to be no arrears or KTs in their respective subjects or examinations.
·      All the exams should have been attended by the candidate or the applicant, which includes everything with regards to Viva, Voice, Training, Written exams, assignments, even the attendance has to be taken care of. 
·      However, you have to keep a track of these scores that Wipro fixes for the applicants, as sometimes it can be even 65% or more. 

Wipro Selection Process
Well, Wipro selection process is clearly mentioned out below, that will help you to prepare for your final interview and another process- 

Online or Written Test
The first test that you have to face and clear would be the online or the written test. Of course, in this test, you have to give your best no matter what. You have to give excellent performance. Once you have passed the test, you will be taken forward to other test and procedures. The written test would include the aptitude test, English, Coding, and Email Writing. You have to score the minimum marks set by the company policies itself. 
Interview Process
Well, then comes the interview stages after you have passed and cleared out the Wipro online or written test. However, this interview process is specifically categorized into two parts that include, technical and HR. Yes, after the written test you have to go through the technical test wherein you will be asked the questions about the technical terms which is Java, C+, C++, Coding, and others. Of course, this technical process is for those candidates who have applied for technical job designations. Later, the HR round will be conducted for all the candidates those who have passed the previous stages of tests. 

Final Stage
Well done! You have reached the last stage of your interview process, here you will be explained everything about the documentation and other such formalities and procedures including your salary too. However, this stage appears when you have finished with your HR round and cleared it out. So, just go ahead with the final procedure and you will be selected if you give your best though. 

It is recommended that you carry all your documents and certificates when walking for the interview in Wipro. Also, you can also refer to all the general knowledge questions and of course if you belong from the technical background then make sure you are excellent with all the technical studies and applications along with the codes. 

Wrapping up 
So, the entire Wipro Campus Recruitment process might seem a bit hard, but in reality, it is actually not hard or challenging. You just have to be very much confident about your interview. Just dress well, as even perfect formal dressing can boost your confidence. Make sure that you have carried all your files and certificates right from your 10th grade. Of course, try not to lie in the interview and be honest to the core. All the best!

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