Situation Reaction Test


This test is mainly to judge a candidate's ability to use his presence of mind to tackle a given situation he may come across any time in life. The candidate is, thus, expected to choose the best response which shall present him/her as a good person or a sincere professional.


Question: If in an examination hall, you find that the question paper is too tough to be answered satisfactorily by you, the best thing to do for you is to

A)tell the examiner that the questions are out of course

B)provoke the candidates to walk out of the examination hall

C)try to know something from your neighbour

D) try to solve the questions as much as you know with a cool head

Answer is:

                       Clearly, an ideal student shall never be expected to create a row over such an issue or try to copy the answers. Also, a situation can best be tackled by not creating panic rather trying to solve it with a cool head

Hence, the answer is (d).