Logical Sequence of Words

Logical Sequence of words

 Logical Sequence of words:

Logical sequence of words as the name shows that type of reasoning which consists of words we have to find out a sequence which is logical in that context. Normally, in these questions, the words are mentioned in serial numbers 1, 2, 3 etc.

There should be a minimum of four words to ensure the complexity of the question. There are is no limit of a maximum serial of numbers. Generally, a maximum of six options are provided in the logical sequence of words. The question can arise from different fields. It may be from daily life, office schedule, time table, preparing a dish, administration process, oceans and continents, animals and birds life cycles, etc.

Questions can arise from all the sectors of the world.

how to solve

 we have to just find a logical sequence of these words. In this type of questions, certain inter-related words are given and numbered, followed by various sequences of the numbers denoting them, as alternatives. The candidate is required to arrange these words in a logical sequence based on common property and then choose the correctly graded sequence from the given alternatives.


1. Bus stand 2.Office  3.Bus  4.Home







B is the answer:

Explanations:  First we will come out from home then go to bus stand to catch the bus then we cal reach the office.