Verb:- A word that denotes an action or state of being is called 'a verb'.

Ex:- He plays(Verb) football.

        She is jumping(Verb) on the floor.

Types of Verb:-


Principal Verb and Auxiliary Verb

Principal Verb:-  Action words that came after helping verb are called 'principal verb'. These are the words that indicate the main action.

Ex:- Raju plays(action word) football.

        Sameer does not(Helping verb) drink(action word) milk.

Auxiliary Verb:-  Verbs that help the formation of tense and its mood are called 'the auxiliary verbs'.

It includes do, does, is, am, was, has, can, should, may, etc.

Ex:- He is(Auxiliary verb) a student.

        She was(Auxiliary verb) a cute girl.

Linking Verb

Linking Verb:-  Words that connect the subject of a sentence to its verb or action are called tinking verb'. It helps in the formation of tense and mood of the sentence.

Helping/Linking verb of the present tense are { is, am, are, do, does, has, have, etc. }

Ex:- She is a doctor.

        We do not punish them.

Linking verb of past tense are { was, were, did. had, etc. }

Ex:-  He was an engineer.

         We did not punish them.