Spotting Errors


Spotting Errors:- To settle the errors in the sentence, you need to be aware of basic grammar skills. We are providing some common types of errors below,

1. Noun Error

2. Pronoun Error

3. Adjective Error

4. Adverbs Error

Noun and Pronoun Error

Noun Error:- A noun can be used to identify a place, person and things. It can be singular and plural. The verb used for them differs for the singular noun and a plural noun. So, first, you have to identify the noun whether it is singular or plural.

Ex:- The People is gathered in the cricket stadium. (Incorrect)

        The people are gathered in the cricket stadium. (Correct)

Such nouns including cattle, peasantry, police, clergy, vermin are appeared to be singular but treated as a plural noun.

Pronoun Error:- A pronoun is a word, which refers to the noun in the sentence in case of possession.

This can be easily understood by the following examples:-

All employees must complete their key result area. (Correct)

Each student must bring their books. (Incorrect)

Each student must bring his parents at exam meeting. (Correct)

A pronoun should always be compatible with its antecedent noun.

Adjective and Adverbs Error

Adjective Error:- An adjective is a word, which represents the specialty, merits, demerits, quality and fault of an person, place or thing.

Ex:- Nike shoes are superior than any other sports shoes. (Incorrect)

        Nike Shoes are superior to any other sports shoes. (Correct)

Comparative adjectives such as Superior, inferior, prior, must be suffixed with "to'.

Adverbs Error:- Adverb is a word that modify the meaning of an adjective or verb.

Ex:- People want to spend fewer time in travelling. (lncorrect)

        People want to spend less time in travelling. (Correct)

Some adverbs have the same meaning and create confusion in people's mind. These words includes less and fewer. 'Less' is used to describe quantity whereas 'fewer' is used to represent numbers.