Sentence Skill


sentence:- A sentence is a group of words that convey meaning. It must contain a subject and a verb.

Types of Sentences:- 

1. Declarative Sentence

2. Interrogative Sentence

3. Imperative Sentence

4. Exclamatory Sentence

Declarative Sentence

Declarative Sentence:- It declares or states a fact, arrangement or opinion.

Declarative sentences can be either positive or negative.

A declarative sentence ends with a period or full stop (.)

Ex:- Positive:-  The Sun rises in the East.

        Positive:-  Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.

         Negative:-  He is not ready to go to school.

         Negative:-  Mr  Sen is not a teacher.

Interrogotive Sentence

Interrogotive Sentence:- In this type we ask a question.

Ex:- Where do you live?

        Do you want a cup of tea?

In Interrogative type helping verb precedes the subject which is followed by the main verb. The sentence ends with a question mark (?).

1. When does the bus leave?
2. How long have you lived in France?
3. What will you have, tea or coffee?
4. Do you enjoy reading a book?