Pronoun:- A Pronoun is a word that replaces a noun in a sentence. They eliminate the need for repetition. It refers to the following I, he, she, that, where, ours, etc.

Ex:- I(Pronoun) took coffee.

 We(Pronoun) love to swim.

This(Pronoun) is my pen.

Kinds of Pronoun

Kinds of Pronoun

1. Personal Pronouns

2. Demonstrative Pronouns

3. Possessive Pronouns

4. Indefinite Pronouns

5. Interrogative Pronouns

6. Reflexive Pronouns

Personal Pronouns and Demonstrative Pronouns

Personal Pronouns:- Words used in place. of nouns referring to persons, things, animals. It refers to the following

First person:- I, We, Me, Mine

Second person:- You, Your and Yours

Third person:- He, She, It, They, etc.

Ex:-  We all are friends. 

         He is a boy.

         It is very expensive

Demonstrative Pronouns:-  ' Words used for nouns to point out the objects to which it refers. It refers to the following

This, that, these, those

Ex:-  This is my book.

         That is her house.