One Word Substitution


One word Substitution:- 'One word Substitution' is one of the essential parts of vocabulary. It is asked in various competitive exams.

It simply means that a sentence is replaced with a single word. One requires a good vocabulary to solve the questions.

Ex:- The life history of a person written by himself can be substituted with 'autobiography'.

Some Commonly Used One Word Substitutions

Some Commonly Used One Word Substitutions:- 

Agenda:- a list of headings of the business to be transacted at a meeting

Atheist:- a person who does not believe in God

Audience:- a number of people listening to a lecture

Biennial:- an event which happens once in 2 years

Bouquet:- a collection of flowers

Carnivorous:- one who lives on flesh

Curator:- a person in charge of a museum

Edible:- fit to be eaten

Fatal:- causing death