Noun:- A noun is a part of speech that identifies a person, place, animal, thing or an idea.

Ex:- 1. The restaurant(Place) is open.

The Noun is restaurant 

2. Throw the ball (Thing)

The Noun is ball

Types or Kinds of Noun

There are different types or kinds of noun

1. Proper Noun

2. Collective Noun

3. Common Noun

4. Material Noun

5. Abstract Noun

6. Noun Number

Proper and Collective Noun

Proper Noun:- It refers to specific or some particular place, person or thing.

Ex:- Vikramaditya(proper noun) was a just king.

        Rajasthan(proper noun) is a sandy area.

Collective Noun:- It is a noun that refers to a group of persons or things that spoken of as a

Ex:- The class(collective noun) sums to be noisy.

        A bunch(collective noun) of flowers is beautiful.